"The completed Excel eco-design tool for assessing the environmental performances of the project". Where can we find this Excel file?

The completed Excel eco-design tool for assessing the environmental performances of the project is available on the website under " Participate > Items / Sending "


The documents relating to the environmental section should they be added as diagrams or text, in the synthesis or apart?

Indifferently, the important is to understand the environmental approach


Must boards be presented in vertical or in horizontal?

The two formats are accepted, provided that the whole is consistent, including the ladder.


Our "Envelope section 1/20th" is bigger than an A0 sheet. Is it possible to use the scale 1:25?

If need, yes, you can use the 1:25 scale for the A0 sheet.


Which is the format of the sheets for the "material for the environmental section"? How many sheets?

Size of the environmental section is free; but in the section, the idea is to present your project through the environmental point of view, as explained in the corresponding paragraph into the 4rd edition program: e.g. material for the environmental section.


My advisor would like me to participate in the competition, however, the structure I used for the raising consists of steel profiles, while the competition provides the use of wood. May I can enter the contest with a steel structure, or do I have to replace my project by a wood structure?

You can propose a project with a light metal structure, as clearly specified in the program of the 4th edition of the Campus Archizinc.


Do we have to comply to planning regulations?

Usually the Urban planning regulations limit the heights of buildings defining the possible construction volumes between the maximum height and the existing buildings. In this context, you cannot add a building on top of the highest existing buildings but probably on top of all the others.

In French, we literally would say you have to fill in “a missing tooth”
Does the context of your project looks like this?

Our demand to respect the local regulations is justified by the will to make your project as realistic as possible. Now, we would like to confirm we will not reject a proposal only because of the fact it does not stick perfectly to those rules.


The structure must be based on the former building. Does it concern all the structure or a part of the structure?

It is possible to have a complementary support outside the existing structure but with the majority of the efforts taken up by the existing building.