"Building around":
densifying and requalifying an existing building




The choice of programme of the competition is based on the following question:  
"To reduce urban sprawl, how can we densify housing while preserving what existing buildings, encouraging architectural, social and programmatic diversity and building sustainably?"


Propose to restructure an existing collective residential building by significantly improving the comfort of its residents, in particular by working on its thermal performance and by creating additional private or common spaces through the following processes:

  • elevation
  • lateral extension
  • hollowing out all or part of certain floors
  • working on the nature of the envelope materials and on the openings

Challenges and expectations

In this context, the main challenges and expectations are:

  • Quality of architecture in the specific context of urban integration.
  • Concrete and measurable elements demonstrating the sustainability of the project

Site description

The site is not pre-defined.
Candidates will look for an existing building in the city and country of their choice, consisting mainly of collective housing units, whose design allows for an extension (vertical or horizontal) and therefore a realistic addition of living surface area.
The building must have sufficient structural characteristics to allow this extension.


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